Charlotte Pearson


I'm Charlotte, 23 and a Journalism Graduate. I currently run my own music, fashion and lifestyle blog called Mixtape Couture. I also write for Yuppee Magazine.

McBusted announcement proved that fans of Boybands stay forever loyal

Loyalty and fandom are nothing new in this day and age. A quick search on Tumblr will point you to fandoms for certain actors, TV shows, bands etc. But the cause of some of the most extreme mass hysteria ever seen has always been the boyband. There have been fandoms since the days of Elvis and most famously Beatlemania in the 60’s through to today’s current 1D craze. Whenever a group of guys come together or have been thrown together to perform pop songs, there has always been hoards of screami

The worrying lack of resources for mental health patients in the UK

It has been reported recently that mental health patients and sufferers has risen around 20% in the past few years. With more stress about money, jobs and family life these days it was obvious, conditions such as depression and anxiety were going to be on the increase. However, mental health covers a huge array of conditions from depression through to schizophrenia, some more obvious to spot than others but each requires a completely different approach treatment-wise through medication, counsell

How the return of the Vinyl Format will Revolutionise Music in 2013

The old school music formats of the 7” and 12” has returned to record stores, and over the past few years was seen as a hipster trend. But with big pop acts like Justin Timberlake releasing his part 2 of The 20/20 Experience on vinyl, and sales of vinyl records on the up, it seems more than a fashion trend, but a music revolution. The vinyl record: an analogue sound storage format made from flat poly-vinyl discs with inscribed modulated grooves. Since the 1920’s, vinyl surpassed the phonograph

The Power of the Blogger

The internet – home of social networks to tweet our random thoughts, post pictures of our lunch, funny videos, cute cat pictures and blogs, lots and lots of blogs. Fashion blogs, music blogs, beauty blogs, travel blogs, film blogs, food blogs, there are plenty of blogs out there about plenty of different subjects with blogs being created by professionals and fully qualified journalists to novices who just want somewhere to air their opinions and write about what they love. But it seems some blog

100 Years Since The Death of a Suffragette, How Much Closer Are Women To Equality?

It’s been 100 years since Emily Wilding Davison jumped out in front of the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby, she was hit by the horse which put her in a coma and four days later she died. Last week, a programme on Channel 4 presented by Clare Balding set out to discover whether what she did was was a suicide mission or a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong. From the research and findings through today’s technology it seems that the latter was true. It is now thought Davison had a scarf with suff

The importance of female role models & the struggle to find them.

Finding some credible female inspiration in this day and age is bloody hard work, lord knows I’ve spent years looking for some. When asked who is your role model/inspiration I only ever seemed to name men bar Annie Lennox who has been the main stay female figure of inspiration in my life since age 3 when I could sing the entire Greatest Hits album of Eurythmics word perfect. In a world of celebrity culture, reality TV stars and WAGs where was the credible inspiration for young women like me who